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Carolina e Joel (new York) September 2016

Ilaria... let me see, where do I start?... What a beautiful person she is, it was wonderful having her as my wedding planner. Extremely pleasant online and even more in person. It was very nice to meet her! I am a firm believer that when things fall in place smoothly without great effort it is because is meant to be. My wedding was just that, I also believe that Ilaria made it just so much more easy going for us. Everything went well, I genuinely enjoyed all of it.
The cake was perfect, the flavor unique and pleasant.
The olive oil bottles added just the touch we needed to show our guests appreciation in a simple but authentic way. The tags said exactly what I asked, thanks to Ilaria for making sure of that.
The food and wine at Il Castello Ristorante Certaldo Alto, I don't have words to explain how good the flavors were. Everything they served was just absolutely delicious.
The flowers, exquisite. Elena Mainoldi ( translated into physical form exactly what I asked for Ilaria was a great mediator between her and I, making sure everything went as wished.
The musician: Francesco Biadene is very talented. His interpretation of the songs we requested was just lovely. His voice and the talented way he played the guitar added just the right touch to our ceremony. Thank you so very much.
Ilaria, thank you, thank you, thank you very much!
Carolina Salcedo

Bianca e Niko (Cayman Islands) September 2016
We absolutely loved working with Ilaria, she is an exceptionally talented wedding planner. She made our wedding a reality with the wave of her magical wand. She knew exactly what we wanted and needed to bring our dreams to life. She was able to transform our ideas into something more than we could have ever imagined. When we first decided to have the wedding we were a little bit worried about planning it from the Cayman Islands as we would have little control of the wedding planning process and we were skeptical of whether our vision would be executed with perfection. However Ilaria was available to answer all our questions and concerns. Every vendor Ilaria recommended exceeded our expectations and were willing to accommodate our every request. There are not enough words to explain how talented Ilaria is, and we cannot thank her enough for helping us create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sophie e Craig (Uk) September 2016
Ilaria planned my wedding in september 2016!
I dont know where to start - Ilaria made all my dreams and ideas come to life and shared her own thoughts which made my day spectacular!
She has such a personable approach and is very easy to get along with - no question or task ever too much and responds to every question in detail - i worked with Ilaria for around 6 months constantly and your work is amazing!
Our guests where blown away by our wedding the detail and the creativity involved was beautiful and all down to Ilaria talent and keen eye for detail!
My wedding planning was never preassured and was a joy to do because of ilaria who done all the hard work and effort to create such a beautiful day!
I found a friend in Ilaria and in my eyes nobody will compare when it comes to planningyour wedding!
Married : castillo di vincigliata 4/9/16
Eternelly gratefull
Mr and mrs atkinson

Jessica e Daniel (New York) August 2016
Weddings are a stressful thing, especially when it is a destination wedding and you do not speak the local language. When my husband and I chose to get married in Tuscany, we knew we had to use a wedding planner. Luckily, we were recommended to Ilaria by our wedding venue and we could not be happier. She created the most magical day of our lives and we and our guests were absolutely stunned with the results.
Ilaria is so talented, she is truly so good at what she does, she has a beautiful eye for detail and she really really loves her work. You can see her passion and dedication immediately through her responses and in person, she is just an angel. She is experienced, and has a phenomenal list of recommended trusted vendors she uses which were truly brilliant. She is a visionary, she helps bring to life your special day and what I found really useful was her expert opinion and she made decision making easy and efficient (as weddings require lots of little decisions).
She is patient, and also very responsive. She would be available via skpe if we required it (we were based in NY) and was very responsive in emails. She is very easy to work with, and she works very well with her vendors to ensure on-going relationship is held so that the best prices are obtained and budgets are met. She far exceeded my expectations for such an important event and I highly recommend her for any event.
Most of her work goes on behind the scenes, and she works tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect. The wedding turned out so beautiful, beyond anything I could dream of, and she made my fairytale dream wedding come to life. I could not thank you more Ilaria. Me, my family and guests were blown away with how beautiful the day/event was. So many of my guest, said this was the best and most beautiful wedding they have ever been too. Thank you with all my heart. I highly recommend Ilaria for any wedding in Tuscany. She is the no doubt one of the best weddding planners in Italy

Crystal e Francesco (New York) June 2016
Hiring Ilaria at Glam Events as our wedding planner was the best decision! Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming, but with the help of Ilaria, it was never stressful and always a pleasure. Not only is she kind and patient, but she is so professional! Every email was answered promptly, even with the time difference. Additionally, ever single vendor she recommends is just as professional and wonderful.
In fact, everything Ilaria recommended was perfection! Ilaria recommended that we host our welcome aperitivo on a hotel rooftop with views of Florence’s historic center, and even the local Italian guests were blown away! On the day of our wedding, the weather forecast was not looking too good, but Ilaria knew we had our hearts set on an outdoor ceremony. She recommended that we set up the ceremony in 2 places, 1 outdoor and 1 indoor, and as we got closer we would make the call. As we got into the car to drive over to the venue, the clouds opened up and the sun shone brightly, and we were able to have our dream wedding just as we imagined. I feel like Ilaria went above and beyond her job description, whatever questions, concerns, or needs we had, she was there!
Grazie Ilaria and team, you guys are amazing and I cannot thank you enough!

Sally e Kai (Boston) June 2016
Ilaria Menichetti with Glam Events helped us have the wedding of our dreams. She is the most patient, sweet and smiley person you will ever meet. Nothing is ever too much for her. Come to her with your dream wedding ideas and she will deliver a wedding of your dreams. The number of emails Ilaria had to wake up to every morning from me would cause anyone to want to quit. She persevered, kept her cool, and got the job done(exceptionally). Our guests were blown away and I didn't have anything to worry about on my wedding day except not messing up my vows... I don't believe anyone else would have had the patience or openmindedness to pull off our wedding with the wedding ceremony, reception and getting ready locations(4 of them) more than an hour apart...
She also helped us with planning an outdoor rustic pizza party at our villa to wine tasting/tour/dinner to pasta cooking lessons to the most amazing wedding ceremony/reception to a most delicious post wedding recovery brunch...
We can never thank her enough...

Mark and Pierre (Berlin) Nay 2016
Ilaria was a fantastic wedding planner. Not only is she a lovely person but she is dedicated and professional. She was always quick to get back to us, had wonderful ideas and realized an incredible and beautiful wedding. Getting married in Tuscany is expensive but it was completely worth it - we had an incredible day and much of that is thanks to Ilaria's impeccable planning and her amazing vendors (particularly a wonderful caterer and surely the most incredible wedding photos and video we have ever seen). It was especially impressive given some of the practical problems we had from special requests (a Scottish Ceilidh band in Italy) to last minute emergencies (some difficult weather on the day and the need as a result to hire a tent for our venue). Ilaria really went the extra mile for us and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thanks for helping us to arrange such a special day!

Emi and Terry (Canada) April 2016)
Ilaria in one word; amazing! She turned our dream into a reality. We were a bit nervous planning a destination wedding (we live in Canada, wedding was in Italy) but Ilaria's professionalism and genuine love for what she does put us a ease. It felt like a best friend was planning the wedding. The vendors she works with are equality as professional and a true pleasure to work with. Ilaria listened to what we wanted and she delivered, surpassing our expectations!
The day of the wedding she had everything under control. She made sure we didn't have to worry about a thing so that we could focus on getting married and having fun with our friends and family. We couldn't have been happier with her services, she is worth every penny.
I cannot say enough good things about Ilaria, she made our wedding a dream come true and it was perfect and seamless. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Ciaran and Joanna (Canada) September 2015
Ilaria helped plan the wedding of our dreams this September 2015. We both live in Canada, and found her services through reviews online and saw some photos of past weddings she has planned through various websites. Her services was the first thing we booked for our wedding, even before picking a wedding date or even where we wanted to have our wedding. From the beginning of the process, she was always helpful and patient with us, guiding us through every step of the way. This included the selection of our abbey, villa, makeup, photographer, car rental, meals before and after the wedding, and any other items we requested. In every situation, she provided us with different options and gave us her expert advice which we really appreciated. She has wonderful ideas for everything and all the vendors she provided were amazing. She was also very helpful with getting our legal paperwork done, which we wouldn\'t have known how to do without her. In all honesty, we could not have planned our wedding without her help. On the day of the wedding, she helped with all the timings and organization between all the staff and vendors. We were very relaxed and happy on our wedding day because we did not have to worry about anything. She was behind the scenes co-ordinating everything with the vendors and all the details. We are forever thankful for Ilaria\'s help and would highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding.

Hello Illaria & the wonderful staff at the Borgo di Colleoli,
On behalf of my new wife & I, I would like to express our profound thanks for all your efforts and hard work to make our dream destination wedding come true.
The Borgo is such a beautiful venue with so much to offer its guests, I think that you can be proud that the service and professionalism of the staff equals the resorts beautiful surroundings.
Illaria, thanks again for working closely with Aisling to bring the plan together, we really could not have had this dream realized without you. No job was to big or to small, you are a true professional.
For us to be away and for a large part separated from each other & to have such a fine production on our arrival with everything working so well, as we say in Australia, I take my hat off to you, well done to Illaria & the team here at the Borgo Di Colleoli
Thanks also to the DJ, who is a fantastic guy, excellent with the music & has been a real support to us with the party goers!
Yours Sincerely,
Aisling & Ben
Hi Ilaria,
Thanks again for making our dreams come true. It was amazing xxx
We were totally overjoyed by the entire day and you truly are the best wedding planner ever!! 😀
With love from Venice

Here you go!!....
I was put in touch with Glam Events after I contacted the villa we wanted to get married at and they recommended Ilaria. I was unsure how having an Italian wedding planner would work and whether it would be worth it but my experience was fantastic and I couldn’t have planned the wedding without Ilaria!
Over the course of 18 months of planning Ilaria was always quick to respond to emails and we planned a visit to the venue we liked a year before the wedding date. This is when we realised how invaluable she was, during our weeks stay we met her recommended suppliers who we were able to pick from. Although this was difficult as they were all amazing!
In the run up to the wedding Ilaria was helpful in every way, she helped with all the paperwork, helped us source random items we wanted for the wedding and totally understood the vision we wanted to create from the beginning, she was always there with suggestions but always happy to go with what we wanted.
On the wedding day itself I was so calm during the whole day as Ilaria was able to liaise with the suppliers and made sure everything ran smoothly. She went over and above for us and made our day that extra little bit special. I was so sad to see her leave I cried! Our wedding was just perfect and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Ilaria and Glam Events.

Where do I begin? There is so much I want to say to you. I have waited until a week or so after being home in Phoenix, and back in our normal routine, to sit down and write you this email. I'm having trouble already finding the right words. Mainly, I can't thank you enough for planning and organizing the wedding of the century, really. I'm sure you have organized even more elaborate events in the past, and I'm sure things behind the scenes didn't go 100% according to your plan, but to me, in my mind and in my small world this was absolutely, without a doubt, the best, most loving, exquisite, lavish, exciting, and yet at the same time intimate, affair I could possibly imagine.
I've seen examples of your work on your website, and I know your skill and talent, so I am not merely thanking you for being talented. I want to thank you for being YOU. Many wedding planners could organize a beautiful affair with the right budget and agreeable weather, but you did more than that. You were, and remain, my friend. Due anni fa, I read a review on your website where someone wrote that "although I did in fact hire Ilaria, I feel as though she is more of a friend." That's when I knew I wanted to request your services. And, I can honestly tell you now, I understand that remark and how true it is. Without sounding strange or scaring you (haha!) when we first met I instantly felt like I had known you for years. And, I know my parents felt that way too by how they were acting around you. You put us all at ease immediately. Planning a destination wedding 14 hours away from home was not always a "comfortable" feeling, but I never had my doubts (well...except with the US Consulate in Florence haha) because I believed in not only your professional abilities, but your friendship.
It's funny, I feel that you and I are so similar, and my mom and I always joke that if I lived in Florence you and I would be close friends. I expected that with a language or cultural barrier, things would be understood but very much so on only a surface level, not deeply understood. I smile remembering us all in your car, driving back to the Borgo from meeting with Don Martini, and you rolling your eyes and winking at me and saying how he is so sweet but can be "a little annoying at times" and us all laughing and knowing what you meant. You and I love our families, travel, design, Florence...I too left my heart in Florence as you once told me. Every time I leave Florence I cry. I've lived in wonderful cities - New York City, Boston, Phoenix......but if I could be anywhere, live and work and have my family with me....there's no better home to me than Florence. Italy in general, really. I don't know what exactly it is - I used to think that it was because it reminded me of my grandparents whom I love and miss every day. Like somehow being there I was closer to them, surrounded by people with similar mannerisms or ways of thinking about life. But, its more than that. The people, the architecture, the way of life - the enjoyment of life. And now, I married my love in the city I love and I am even more in love with Tuscany than ever before :)
I honestly miss it, all of it! It was such an incredible time. And I keep looking at photographs and wondering what exactly it is that makes me so sad to be home and wishing I was back at the Borgo. And the answer is this: You took my fairytale and made it a reality. All I wanted when Christian proposed to me was to have everyone I love in the same home, for an extended period of time - much longer than a typical 5-hour wedding "day," laughing and drinking wine and telling stories and getting to know one another and spend time with one another - all happy and healthy and well. It was incredible to have both Christian's family and my family under one roof since we are used to being on different sides of the country... and then adding close friends of mine that I have known for 20 years and consider them part of my family, and all being together as one big loving group. For the wedding itself, I wanted that same intimate feeling, and you accomplished it! That one, long, beautiful table was breathtaking. There aren't words to describe how beautiful it was. With rolling Tuscan hills in the background, beautiful heart-felt speeches from my family, delicious food and wine.....There were times throughout dinner when I would just sit back and look left and right at all the guests around me, that flew thousands of miles to be there to support Christian and I, and I would look back at the actual table that you and I designed (with the help of 2,000 emails!) and it was hard to believe that I was actually living out an experience we had only talked about creating for the past 2 years...that the time had come, and that the reality was even better than I could have planned for or imagined. Its a feeling and a moment in time that was so magical to me and I will never forget that feeling. I could go on and on about that wedding week but I will try to stop myself for your sake ;) so you don't have to read a huge novel!
Being in Italy for 35 days, surrounded for weeks by family and friends that are scattered all over the country and even the world, friends from London, Italy, Beirut, California, Chicago, Boston, New York...I really realized that the world is actually so small, and can be as "small" as you make it. Meaning, keeping in touch these days is so easy with email, cell phone, etc. As soon as I push "send" on this email you will instantly receive it! I am no longer sad that everyone lives far apart - my mother always told me distance does not define a relationship, and she's right. You told me and my parents a funny story about one of your brides that cried when she said goodbye to you and you joked that she could email you that week if she wanted - I understand what she was feeling. You should know what you do touches so many lives and you are such an important part of one of the best days of their life - its a very special thing. Christian and I will always look back on our time with you and smile, and I hope we can be more than a "memory" to you, meaning, I hope we can remain friends and see each other again. I'm sure many brides say that, but I actually mean it. I promise this was not our last trip to Italy and we won't visit in the future without contacting you first! I look forward to having dinner with you and your family and seeing how big your two children have grown! I'm already trying to convince Christian that we need to go back and stay at the Borgo for our 5 year anniversary ;) My one regret from the wedding day is that I didn't get any cake before they cleaned the table and took it all away - I told Christian I want Galateo to create that cake again when we return so I can have a piece 5 years from now! And, if you do ever get to California, or even New York, let me know and I will come meet you!
I wish you and your family all the love and success in the world! I won't say farewell but rather that I will be seeing you again :)
Jen McDaniel ;)

Dear Ilaria,
It has been a month or so since our wedding and we can still feel like yesterday the emotion and buzz of our big day. After talking with many of our guests we can say with certainty that it was the best day of our lives and an extraordinary day that most of our guests will remember forever. The compliments about the beauty of the place, the ceremony, the glamour, the excellent organisation, the band, the food, the perfect timing of everything has been repeated and repeated during the last few weeks on so many occasions. We can only join them and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream a reality.
It wasn't a wedding, it was a fairy tail and we were the lucky couple with the happy ending.
Thank you so much Ilaria, for your assistance with a long and difficult paperwork process, for your attention to detail and your advice, for your help and your trustworthy work at all times.
We would recommend you gladly to all your future clients. If ever in doubt, one videocall to this always smiley lady will do the magic. Nothing is ever a problem, nothing is ever impossible. With a big optimism and smile on her face, Ilaria can really take away the headache that wedding planning can sometimes become.
We are utmost happy about all that happened on that day and we just wish we could do it all over again.
Happy planning!
With gratitude
César & Lenka

Hi Ilaria
Hope you have been well!
We wanted to thank you again for all your help with our wedding. We all had such an amazing day! Please find below our testimonial:
Dear Ilaria
We want to thank you so much for your work with organising our dream wedding in Amalfi. Your attention to detail and "can do" attitude made planning our wedding easy and stress free. You listened to our ideas and had a great network of vendors to help make the ideas become reality. Your friendly approachable nature meant finding new vendors easy if needed. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone wanting to get married in Italy!
Thanks again!
Rob and Dianne Casotti

Ilaria helped plan the wedding of our dreams this September 2015. We both live in Canada, and found her services through reviews online and saw some photos of past weddings she has planned through various websites. Her services was the first thing we booked for our wedding, even before picking a wedding date or even where we wanted to have our wedding. From the beginning of the process, she was always helpful and patient with us, guiding us through every step of the way. This included the selection of our abbey, villa, makeup, photographer, car rental, meals before and after the wedding, and any other items we requested. In every situation, she provided us with different options and gave us her expert advice which we really appreciated. She has wonderful ideas for everything and all the vendors she provided were amazing.
She was also very helpful with getting our legal paperwork done, which we wouldn't have known how to do without her. In all honesty, we could not have planned our wedding without her help. On the day of the wedding, she helped with all the timings and organization between all the staff and vendors. We were very relaxed and happy on our wedding day because we did not have to worry about anything. She was behind the scenes co-ordinating everything with the vendors and all the details. We are forever thankful for Ilaria's help and would highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding.
Ciaran & Joanna

Dearest Ilaria,
First of all, happy new year! We hope you had a great time with your family. Pauline and I were thinking back of 2015, and wanted to thank you again for playing such an important part in our best memories of the year. You were the best help for our wedding that we could have asked for - a perfect mix between professionalism and a very personal touch: you always were enthusiastic about our ideas, and made many suggestions; but at the same time you respected our space and choices. And if you were a perfect help in the preparation, in communicating with us, negotiating with the different vendors and making sure all deadlines and budgets were respected; you were even better on the day itself. We didn't have to do a thing, and didn't even think about having to do a thing - we were so sure that you would do an amazing job (as you did) that we forgot all about the organisation and had a lot of fun at our wedding. Thanks so much for all this. We will recommend getting married in Italy to everyone just so that they can meet you :)
Cari saluti,
Pauline & Floris

Dear Ilaria
We just arrived back from honeymoon and wanted to say Thank You so much for making sure we had the most beautiful wedding. It was absolutely stunning, everything we imagined and it really was just a perfect day!
All of our friends couldn't believe how beautiful everything was, from the castle, to the food, the wine, the music, everything! So hopefully there will be more Italian weddings in the future, and of course we will give them all your number!! :)

Hi Ilaria,
Hope this mail finds you well.
We just received the photos from Jules and the preview video from Gattotigre and we absolutely love them!! It is all thanks to you putting it all together. You took all my crazy ideas and requests and transformed them into a reality- Everything came together even more beautiful than I could have imagined! The day was absolutely perfect and Brent and I cannot thank you (and all the vendors you chose and coordinated with) enough for all your help, patience, organization and attention to detail throughout the year planning our big event. The comments we received on the wedding are incredible- people are just shocked at how stunning the décor was and how incredible the food and drinks were. You were such a pleasure to work with and we will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone we know! We would absolutely love to work with you again in the future.
Congratulations again on the new little one coming soon!
Hope the rest of wedding season goes well for you and please keep in touch! :)
Kristan and Brent

VESELA AND KASH 1ST June 2014-07-01
Ciao Ilaria,
We are now back in NYC and we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and efforts to make our special day a truly unique experience for us and all our guests. The wedding has been described as 'magical' and 'fairy tale' experience. We were truly lucky to have you as our wedding planner and we hope to keep in touch in the future!
Greetings and thanks to your husband too - a great man!
Ves and Kash

Hi Alessia and Ilaria,
How are you?
We just got to Seychelles for our honeymoon.
The wedding was fantastic. Everyone loved it. We had a really good time. I liked everything. Everyone was impressed by the cake show. The food was lovely and so were the flowers. I didnt get a chance to see the flowers in the church too much, but I will see the photos. Thank you a thousand times for your help and patience and everything. I couldn't have done it without you.

Dear Ilaria,
now I just got back to my senses! I wanted to thank you again for this magical wedding you have organized for us. It was all beyond what I could have ever dreamt!!
Thank you for your patience with our neverneding calls, your positiveness always and for amking us live a fairytale.
Thank you also for your beautiful present, it is sooo kind of you!
I don’t want to loose touch with you!
Please kep us posted with pictures of your baby and dont exhaust yourself too much this usmmer
Sending you lots of love
Kenza and Patrick

Rima and Seif 19th September 2013
Dear Ilaria
We would like to thank you for the great effort & your personal contribution in all wedding details. We are sure that your personal involvement contributed a lot in the success of the wedding. We & all the guests stated that the wedding was Spectacular & Memorable.
We haven't had the chance to thank you personally after all the events but we wanted to say you have made a magical wedding a reality. We think it has been a brilliant effort and the result was beyond perfection!!! Thank you so much!!

Laura and Michael 7th September 2013
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Dear Ilaria,
thank you so much for helping us to organise this wonderful day!
We literally could not have done any of this withouth your help, support and patience!
We are so grateful for the beautiful venue and generous hospitality.
This will be a day we will never forget
Love Laura Mike and Ethan

Martina e Cristiano 30-09-2013
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Carissima Ila,
io e Cris vogliamo ringraziarti per tutto quello che hai fatto per noi.
L’assoluta professionalità, la competenza, l’entusiasmo che hai messo dietro ogni singolo dettaglio hanno reso l’atmosfera del matrimonio davvero unica e speciale, la fotografia di un sogno!
Ma soprattutto ti vogliamo ringraziare per la fiducia che ci hai ispirato fin dal primo momento in cui ci siamo conosciuti, e che ci ha permesso di goderci a pieno il giorno del matrimonio, lasciando che la tua discretissima regia guidasse l’intera festa: ci siamo dimenticati di ogni responsabilità, ci siamo lasciati andare all’emozione e al divertimento, e ci siamo goduti tutto al massimo!
Non ci dimenticheremo mai di quella splendida giornata, ma non ci dimenticheremo mai neppure dell’anno pieno di emozioni e divertimento che abbiamo passato insieme, tra mail, appuntamenti, catering, ville, vestiti e fiori.
Grazie, e un abbraccio fortissimo!
Marti e Cris

Leyla and Michael 25th August 2013
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
You have been a pleasure to work with over the last
Thousand thank you for having such a positive attitude helping to achieve everything we wanted with maximum efficiency and minimum furs
Thank you for answering all of thousands of questions and not allowing any of our demands too much trouble
You have made this process so much easier and withouth your help our wedding would not have been possible+Thank you again
Lots of love Leyla and Michael

Sara and Jared - 20th August 2013
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Hi Ilaria -
Thank you so much for planning such an amazing wedding! That day was absolutely perfect - everything was better than we could have imagined! We can't wait to see the pictures from Cristiano! I've been looking at his website everyday to see if there are any teasers that he puts on his blog :) He said to expect them around the end of Sept or beginning of October, so we are trying to be patient. And in addition to the wedding, the itinerary you helped us with for the week was amazing. Our families truly had an amazing experience and I think a few of them will be visiting Italy again in the future.
Grazie Mille!!!!!

Ana Paola e Roberto 12 June 2013
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
First of all thank you very much, everithing was lovely and people were so happy, We couldn't have done it with out you.

Sara and Jonny 27th May 2013
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Thank you!
Dear Ilaria, it has been such a pleasure to work with you in planning our wedding. Your patience and bright smile has helped us through all the ups and downs of this process!
As we begin our lives together we will always reflect on this day and appreciate what you helped us achieve.
We hope to stay in touch
Lots of love Sara and Jonny

Veronique et jerome 01-03-2013
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Les invités ont adoré notre mariage du début à la fin, nous avons eu beaucoup de compliments.
A’ tres bientot
Veronique et jerome

Merle and James - 01 September 2012 - Medieval Castle over Florence
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Firstly, thank you for making our wedding such a wonderful, magical experience. Everyone loved it and you made it work so beautifully, so seamlessly. Words can't express how grateful we are to you
Of course we will let you know when we're next in Tuscany. You have been more than just our wedding planner, you have been there to guide us, support us and made our wedding such a wonderful memory for us both. I feel you are a friend
I hope we will remain friends - we've been through so much together already and if you are ever in London, we would LOVE to see you and that includes my parents!!

Veronica and Paolo - 26 Luglio 2012 - Villa on the Chianti Hills
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Good mornnig Ilaria,
first of all we ant to tell you that we have been really happy of the result of our wedding… all our guests have filled us of conpliments and they have remained fascinated about the selection of venues… and this is mainly thanks to you and your job so thank you again for everything.
Apart the satisfaction for your job we feel a very friendly relationship with it and we will be glad to have you and your family as our guests at our home if you have the occasion to come to Varese…
A great hug
Veronica and Paolo

Barbara and Alessandro - tuscan hamlet - 14 luglio 2012
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Dear Ilaria and Federica,
I wanted to thank you becouse you gave me the possibility to realize a little dream. You have really amazing professionists to afford a so demanding and obstinated bride like me.
I enjoyed this experience as I never had believed.
Thank you, Barbara

Sara and Dave - 17 JULY 2012 - Country Villa on the tuscan hills
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Hi Ilaria!
I'm so happy that we made SMP, and it is ALL due to you and your wonderful work making my dream wedding come true. I can't believe it has already been months since we were there, it seems like it was only yesterday! Since the wedding I have thought so many times about you and everything that you did for me, and have been meaning to let you know. It's as if there are not proper words to describe how happy I was with everything and how I will never forget what a perfect day it was. You truly are a gifted designer and planner. I only wish I could have another wedding in Tuscany so that we can do it all over again! :)
No matter what, we will return to Tuscany and will let you know when are there. In the meantime, I hope you get LOTS of people asking you to design their wedding for them, as you are the best one there is.
Thank you again, or as the Italians say, grazie mille! Take care and stay in touch!
Sara & David

Carlii and Domenico - 30th May 2012
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Ilaria I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciated your help. Thank you!
Thank you again for everything Ilaria, you are truly great at what you do!
Carlii and Domenic

Vikki and Chris - 26 May 2012 - Renaissance Castle in Tuscany
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials

Susan and Marcel (Svizzera) 24-09-2011
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Hi Ilaria
Marcel and I just wanted to thank you again for all the help during the last weekend! We are unfortunately already back in Hong Kong and in the office but we still cant stop thinking about and recalling last Saturday :-)
It was a marvellous Party and we both really enjoyed the day! Without you we wouldn't have been able to host such a great Party with all our friends and family! Thank you so much for your help to get this done!!!!
Warmest Regards
Marcel and Susi

Mr and Mrs Vandrisse (France), 20-07-2011
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
It has been such a pleasure preparing our wedding with Ilaria. She has always been patient and understanding with us throughout a whole year. Thanks to her rich experience and fine knowledge of Tuscany and the region's best professionals in the field, planning was stress-free for us. We had a special request in terms of organization as our wish was to offer a week's stay in a typical Tuscan environment to our closest friends and family. Many wedding planners had tried to talk us out of this while Ilaria had straight away started looking for the different options she could offer. Needless to say, she made our dream wedding come true and impressed all our guests with her genuine friendliness and professionalism. We would also like to underline Ilaria's high sense of responsibility, if ever we were unsatisfied, she would make sure the problems were clearly and quickly settled. To sum up, we believe it is rare to work with such a reliable, serious yet open-minded and generous person, especially when there are large amounts of money at stake. We feel grateful to have met her as we have also made a real friend.
All the best,

Melissa and Bartjan (England) 09-07-2011
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
"Our venue came with its own inhouse wedding planner so I wasn't sure I wanted to hire an outside planner. However after meeting Ilaria and speaking with her by phone to hear her ideas, we decided to hire her, and it was definitely the right choice! Ilaria was incredibly enthusiastic, energetic, patient, and creative yet never pushy. She is generous with her time beyond belief. You never feel that she is trying to make money off you, rather that she is your best friend during the entire planning process. At times, I felt she was more excited and perfectionist than I was! When I had my heart set on a certain type of candleabras, Ilaria searched all over Tuscany and even looked at wholesale options to buy them if we couldn't find one that matched. In the end she found them (in the most expensive shop in Florence) and negotiated a good price for us. When I had a crisis of indecision on flowers, Ilaria spent almost two hours on the phone with me going through almost a hundred pictures to decide on which types and looks we wanted. Who else would do that??? Not even a bridesmaid. She never complained or made me feel outrageous. She gave us lots of ideas for lighting and decor, which made all the difference for the event. We didn't take all the options, and she never pushed. She was a real godsend and made the planning process a lot less stressful and more fun. Planning a wedding should be an amazing and fun experience, you want to do it with someone like Ilaria who you will never forget and who will make it even more fun. Thanks Ilaria for everything!"

Romy und Helmut 08-07-2011 (Germany)
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Hallo liebe Ilaria,
Wir sind sehr gluecklich…hatten eine traumhafte Hochzeit…super schoene Flitterwochen…und eine ganz tolle weddingplannerin !!!
Liebe Gruesse

Nikki and James(England) 07-07-2011
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Thank you so much for being such an integral part of our special day. I’ve lost count of the number of guests who said it was the most perfect wedding they’ve ever attended!
We always knew we wanted to get married in Italy and so contacted a number of wedding planners. You were the very first person to repsond to us and we were so excited that you could pretty much organise anything we wanted- the flexibility and number of options you offered was fantastic. Our venue was just perfect- we were absolutely blown away and so were our guests, it was just magical. You Ilaria did so much more for us than simply organise the big day... from the accomodation for our guests, our civil ceremony and legal paperwork and the pizza chef the night before the wedding!
Our visits to Tuscany to organise the day were a pleasure, all accomdation was arranged and no questions were too trivial- everything was answered quickly and always with a smile- and we particularly enjoyed the tastings!!
We thought organising a wedding in another country would be incredibly stressful and full of compromises, but I can happily say you helped to make it a joy and it truely was the wedding of our dreams.
Please let us know when you next come to London, it would be lovely to meet up with you... we could always take you for bangers and mash again! Love Nikki & James x
Grazie tantissime per essere stata parte integrante del nostro giorno speciale. Ho perso il conto del numero di ospiti che mi hanno detto che è stato il più bel matrimonio al quale abbiano partecipato!

Katy and Tony(United Arabian Emirates) 24-06-2011
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
What can we say?! Since our first contact in August last year, how we had the fortune of discovering you still amazes me. Your organisation, your patience (with us!), your creativity, your kindness are just a fraction of the magical ingredients you provided to make the most wonderful wedding for Tony and I. So far everyone has been commenting that it was the “nicest wedding”, “most beautiful” etc that they had ever been to, and we are certain that without your input it would have been impossible to achieve the effect. The BBQ was a superb idea, and despite the slightly scary ride up that hill it was well worth the hike. Our friends were blown away with the views and thought the food was delicious, and the guitarist was a real hit!
And the wedding itself was an event that people could say they have never (and probably will not again) witnessed before. I am told that the pool side food was out of this world, and that was just the starters! I am gutted that I did not experience it, however my nerves were so fragile that I would not have touched any of the food. I would also love you to thank your assistant Alessia (I think that is how you spell it) who was so good with me in translating to the hairstylist. The ceremony, the meal, the music, everything was exquisite – surreal.
I could write a thesis on how perfect it was, but I have a honeymoon to get ready for.
Finally we want to say how touched we were by your gift, completely unexpected and we will cherish it as a very special memory of meeting a wonderful lady.
Thank you once more Ilaria
Thank you again.
Please take care, baci mille xx

Sally and Matthew (Hong-Kong) 23-04-2011
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
Thank you soo much for everything you were truly fantastic!
You, Ilaria and your team were amazing, we could not have done it without you!
I cannot thank you enough and I am so happy that you were able to help us organise our wedding.

Marco e Alessia (Italy) 04-09-2010
Glam Events in TUscany - Testimonials
The only way to have an unforgettable photograph is have a timeless memory.
With you, Glam Events, we have sculptured on the sand an unforgettable memory, no other day could have been more perfect then our wedding day.
To you, that can give the flavour of a party day
Thanks with all our hearts, Alessia e Marco